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What is electronic online translator?

EOT (Internet translator, Web translator) is an Internet-based computer software that translates words, phrases and texts from one language to another. Online translator that processes only words is known as online dictionary. Most of electronic online translators can be used free of charge.

History of online translators

Traditionally translation was a job possible only for humans. In the second part of the 20th century scientists began the attempts to automate the process. In 1954 the first experiment was carried out - over 60 Russian sentences were automatically translated into English.
The success of this experiment resulted in further research of automated translation technology and automatic translators. In 40 years computers became a part of our everyday life, and soon electronic translators have become a popular and widely used tool. As Internet developed, many websites started to offer these free web services to their users.

As regards the quality of electronic and online translation, we should note that given enough data, the software often performs quite well. If you are a native speaker of one language and you want to get just the approximate meaning of the phrase or text written by the other native speaker, you can use electronic and online translators with a fair result.

Some programs allow for customization, and you can improve the quality of their work by changing various manual settings. Although current software can not produce output at the same level as a human translator, still they can be a good assistants if you're trying to grasp the idea of a text in the foreign language.

How to get the best text translation

To obtain higher quality of online translation, follow these four simple tips:

- Perfect grammar and spelling - try using a spelling and grammar checker before entering your phrase or text. Correct translation can NOT be done when the text contains mistakes!

- Short and simple sentences - make it as easy as possible. The more complicated your sentences are, the worse translation you'll get.

- Avoid using slang and words that have more than 1 meaning. Yes, there's no need to complicate the text or sentence you want to understand. Sometimes it's difficult for an automated language translator to choose the correct meaning of a certain word according to the context, however slang makes it even more complicated task.

- No abbreviations - write "he is" rather than "he's" and "am not" or "is not" rather than "ain't". And, of course, don't abbreviate the words like "Attn." etc.

For high quality result, contact a professional translator or company. This language translation tool is meant just to give you some general understanding, just the general idea of the word, sentence or text, so don't expect it to perform like a paid professional translator!

Languages that can be translated

This language translator/word speaker is a very good software, probably the best one. With it you can translate a text, phrase or word to or from a variety of languages: English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish. The program can also cope with French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian text or sentence, as well as with Japanese, Korean, Latin, Polish, Portuguese texts. These services and tools are helpful both for beginners and for those who have been learning to speak the foreign languages for a long time. Translation is also possible between Romanian, Russian, Serbian (very interesting Slavic language!), Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. And we are especially happy to announce about Slovak, Slovenian and Hindi languages recently added. At our website you can also use the free dictionary and word speaker which is multilingual, too. Enjoy!

The good news: online language lessons are also available here from 2016 completely free of charge. You can learn the following languages: English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, and dozens more! Just select them in the list, click the button and start learning! And if you want to learn the language of Tolstoy and Pushkin, get ready to serious studies. Russian is rather difficult language to study. However if you want to learn just some useful words and phrases, you can easily do it with the help of this site, because it suggests easy (and probably the best) way to expand your vocabulary. Here you’ll find a kind of online course with small language lessons on various topics, linguistic games, audio version of each word. Have a good time! We hope you'll enjoy this site, stay tuned!

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