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What is the Russian word for …? So many people are asking this question daily online. Use our online dictionary of the Russian language and you'll find the answers to your questions!

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If you’re searching: “Russian word for Hello”, “What is the Russian word for Love?”, or may be: “Russian word for Yes?”, “How to say Good in Russian?”, then you’ve come to the right place. Use our Online Dictionary to find the answer!


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Russian online dictionary will also help you. Our online dictionary answers all these frequently asked questions: "Russian word for Hello?", "Russian for Grandmother?", as well as: "What is Russian for Thank You?", "Russian word for Baby?" The dictionary provides online translation for the common words and phrases, and it answers the following common questions: "What is the Russian word for Now?", "Russian word for Luck?", "What is the Russian word for Cheers?" etc., so try our free online dictionary and harness it to the fullest extent! The language of Russians is rather difficult to learn, however it is really worth doing it. At least learn some basic words and phrases for basic communication. By the way, check yourself - what is the correct version of the Russian phrase amongst mentioned here: dasvidaniya, dosvidanya, das vi danya, do svidanya, das vedanya, or do svidaniya?! The last one is correct! And what does it mean? Well, use our free dictionary to find out!

With our dictionary you’ll understand meaning of common words and phrases and learn how to say this or that word in Russian. If you want to learn: Russian word for Sadness, or Russian word for Yes, if you're searching how to say Hello in Russian, how to say Goodbye, Good Night, etc. in Russian, if you need to learn Russian word for Good Morning? What is the Russian word for Good Bye? Then use our online dictionary to find out how to say these or other words and phrases: Russian word for Good Afternoon? How to say Good Luck or Thank You in Russian? Russian for Good Night? What is the Russian word for Good Evening? Russian word for Good Health? So, here, using our online dictionary, you can learn Russian words and common phrases like "Zdrastvuyte", "Spasiba", etc., learn Russian vocabulary, learn the meaning of common words and phrases in the Russian language. There is no need to search how to say this or that, and to Google for “how do you say” or “how do I say”. Just use our online dictionary and it’ll answer all your questions. Learn Russian with our site and discover the great Russian culture for yourself. Thank you! Spasibo! Dosvidaniya!

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