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Question: How to translate text or word from English into Spainish for free?

Answer: Just use our English to Spainish online translator. If you need to translate a text or word from English to Spainish, or if you’re going to learn Spainish, use our English to Spainish online translator! It is completely free. Please note that sometimes the Spainish translation made by online translator is not correct or not fully correct. In such cases you can approach the professional English to Spainish translator or language services.

If you’re learning Spainish words, feel free to use our online dictionary and translator to learn the meanings of new Spainish words. However check and compare the meaning from our English to Spainish dictionary with the one in some bona fide dictionary (book) to make sure you’ve learnt the correct meaning. Sometimes online dictionary and translator may be wrong.

Spainish is a beautiful language, and in our humble opinion it's much easier for a beginner who is not a native English speaker to pronounce and understand Spanish words than the English ones. Learning Spainish can be also useful for business purposes. If you’re in tourist business, you can use your knowledge of Spainish and thus get a big advantage over competitors.

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